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Welcome to Vet Planet, a world of pet innovation

Vet Planet started out as an idea by some seasoned veterinarians who are passionate about their work and were looking to improve the lives of pets and their human parents by creating carefully engineered products inspired by nature. We’ve taken a long hard look at how we can design a product-line with the sole purpose of promoting your pet’s and family’s health. Whether it’s nutrition, skin/fur care or overall health, our products are dedicated to keeping your pets active and healthy.

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Carefully engineered products for quality-conscious pet owners

Our NanoPet Serie is a Vetplanet trademark, debuting in a brand of nano-enhanced pet products inspired by nature. Through engineering our products down to the nanoscale, we were able to mimic nature’s ability to heal, care and protect, using Nano-Silver as a physical shield to pathogens.

We know that your pet's health is important to you, so we designed a product-line free of biocidal chemicals, preservatives and solvents… but we didn’t stop there! Our nanomaterials were created with the sole purpose of promoting your pet’s health. Whether it’s skin/fur care or oral health, NanoPet products are dedicated to keeping your pet active and healthy.




If you are looking for the best for your pet, continue reading, check out our products and stay up to date with our clinical studies.

Nano Pet
Nano silver spray for pet wound healing

Pet Coat Deodorant Mousse for sensitive skin
Help reduce pet-human transmitted diseases
Nano Scrub Pet Skin Cleansing Shampoo with Nano silver technology
Pet Skin Detox Shampoo as Furr Detox, Cleanse and Nourish
Nutraceutical that serves as a supplement for treating gastrointestinal infection
nutraceutical supplement for treating abnormality of digestive system.
skin and coat support
vitamins and minerals supplements for aging animals
Lipoprotein form: a multivitamin supplement for liver function.
Substances for blood support
Special supplement for liver
Special supplement to enhance immunity for pets.