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Code : Lipo-Form
Brief Description :
Lipoprotein form: a multivitamin supplement for liver function.
Full Description :
The product contains vitamins and amino acids, which are important for liver function for 10 types of vitamin E, vitamin B complex, folic acid, choline and methionine. Vitamins and minerals are important to the function and homeostasis of the body such as proteins, fats and carbo-hydrates used in the creation of red blood cells and tissue. Blood clotting The growth of bones and teeth. Vision and nervous system function. Dogs and cats need to get vitamins and minerals from food. Because some vitamins can build your own. Or little So if you get the vitamins and minerals is not enough to affect the health of the dog and cat fur, such as rough, dry skin, muscle weakness, loss of appetite, decreased immunity for dogs and cats with liver disease. Or to strengthen the liver function better. Helped restore liver cells are destroyed. And enhance liver function better. Contains vitamins and amino acids that are essential to the functioning of the liver 10 species, including vitamin E, vitamin B complex, choline, folate and methionine pellet chewing simple tastes dog lovers rate of 1 tablet. 10 kg body weight per day.